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Betco Corporation


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Over 250 "state of the art" unique formulations for cleaning, disinfecting, floor care, skin care, industrial applications, and other assorted specialty cleaning and maintenance products. We also offer a complete line of equipment for every cleaning task from special floor-scrubbing machines to heavy duty stripping machines.

Better chemistry, superior equipment, and a complete maintenance management process.

With distributors located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America, Betco has a distribution capability in every major market of the country, and is ideally positioned to expand to other markets around the globe.

We are a customer-focused company, with all the equipment, chemicals and processes needed to fill any facility maintenance management need. We can process any order, regardless of size, within 5 working days.

JanSan, Cleaning Equipment, Floor Finish, Commercial Skin Cleaners, Disinfectants, Deodorants

Majors Being Recruited: 
- Biochemistry, General
- Marketing
- Chemistry

Jobs Being Recruited: 
- Chemist
- Marketing - Product Manager